Welcome to Radio Maria England

A warm welcome to Radio Maria England!

Radio Maria England is a Christian voice in your home, broadcasting Christian music, prayer and teaching, on digital radio (in Cambridge and London) and online.
Radio Maria England is based in Cambridge but will also be broadcasting from around England.
We are a member of the World Family of Radio Maria.

    • New: Please read: Fr Sam’s letter for October
    • Holy Mass live broadcasting for Sundays:
      8.15 am, Blackfriars, Cambridge
      12.00 pm, Walsingham

    • More live broadcasting: Holy Mass Live

    • Please use the Walsingham YouTube livestream if other channels aren’t working!
    • Would you like to work for Radio Maria England?
    • Radio Maria England is a not-for-profit Catholic radio station for England, a Christian voice in your home. We depend entirely on the support of our listeners to cover running costs each month. Please give what you can so that, Radio Maria England your Catholic Radio Station will continue to grow from strength to strength. Thank you in advance for your continued support and generosity. May the Lord bless you for all your kindness! Make a donation

Upcoming events

  • There will no volunteers’ meeting in August. The next meeting will hopefully take place on the first Sunday of September. Please subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates.
  • Please keep Radio Maria England in your prayers!

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