A message from new priest Director, Fr. Toby Lees, OP

Written by on 01/07/2022

Dear Friends and Listeners, 

For the past year I have contributed to Radio Maria on Culture Tuesdays and Sports and Faith, as well as a few of the catechesis programs. Over this time, I have grown to love the evangelistic mission of Radio Maria and the opportunity to pray and connect with our listeners.  I am delighted to move into a new mode of contribution as your Priest Director.

It’s an honour to take over from the good work that Fr Sam began, and which Fr Andreas has built upon as Priest Director. I feel simultaneously daunted and excited by the role.  The first thing I want to do is to ask for your prayers, and at the same time assure you of mine. 

One of the great privileges of the priesthood, and especially as a priest in the Order of Preachers, is to be entrusted with the proclamation of the Gospel in all its fulness. It’s a privelage when you do that in a Church, but to be entrusted with being a Christian voice, and bringing other Christian voices, into your homes, your cars, your commutes, your places of work . . . to be a voice of comfort and a voice that challenges in all the moments of your life . . . this seems to me a particular privilege. 

One of the beautiful things about the Christian life is that, in a world which preaches the need to be independent, we live, without shame, in the reality of our great dependence on others. That dependence is first and foremost upon God, but it also quite properly extends to one another. Radio Maria depends upon you, we need your prayers, we need your financial support, we need your time and talents as volunteers . . . we need to listen and to encourage others to do so. We need to know you and to hear from you so that we can better serve our call to evangelise and to serve you. 

I thank you in advance for your support. We need one another, and, so I end, as I began, asking for your prayers. 

May the peace of Christ always be with you, and may the love of Our Lady be a constant consolation in your lives! 

Fr Toby Lees OP 

Listen to Fr. Toby’s first Word for Today at Priest Director

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