Programmes 2021:

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Awakenings:  Testimonies of Faith and Conversion

RME Director, Father Sam Randall, presents a series of testimonies of conversion and faith, with a new live broadcast at 11:00 on Tuesdays.  Would you like to share your testimony?  Email


CAFOD’s Children’s’ Liturgy

Every Sunday at 9:45am and 2:30pm, join a family that discusses the Gospel for the day.  CAFOD provides some lovely questions and prayers for the family to use and guide the parents in discussing the Gospel with their children. This is a wonderful programme to listen to with the family or for parents to listen to as an example of how they may approach teaching the gospel to their children.  To follow along and see the other excellent resources provided by CAFOD, please check out:


Feasts and Seasons:

Each week, join Joanna Bogle as she looks into the current feast, season or celebration in our Catholic Church. Taking a deeper look at saints, Holy days of obligations and cultural celebrations, Joanna shares the history and cultural impact of the event. She will be interviewing parish priests who will share how their parish and community will be celebrating the special day. School teachers and families will share how they celebrate the day in their culture, schools or in their own homes. Joanna will also suggest some ways you may want to try in your own home. Broadcast: Monday at 9:30am, Wednesday 1pm, Thursday at 8:30pm, Friday at 2:30pm and Saturday at 10:15am.


Introduction to the Prayer of the Church

Introduction to the Prayer of the Church.  Father Euan Marley, a Dominican priest at Blackfriars in Cambridge, introduces listeners to the Liturgy of the Hours.   Broadcast:  Monday at 12:30am and 8pm, Tuesday at 5:30am and 1pm, Friday at 4pm and Saturday at 9pm


Lent People:

During these weeks of Lent, Mgr Tony Rogers will be looking at six of the people who feature in the Sunday gospels in the three year cycle of readings. Some appear several times in scripture, while others are one-offs. Because they are individuals, he wants to probe behind the words we read, try to understand a bit more about them, in the hope that they, in turn will tell us a little bit more about ourselves. Part of the relevant gospel passage will be included in the broadcast, as well as a reflection on it, and some time for prayer. He will do his best to root the gospel reading in its setting, so that we can all appreciate the world in which Jesus worked. Jesus has called us by name, and although we don’t know the names of all of these six characters, they are treated as individuals, and Jesus deals with their requests in a way that truly responds to their needs. These meditations will enable us to bring our needs to the Lord.  Questions of comments for Mgr Tony?  Email:  Broadcast:  Tuesdays at 12:30am and 8pm, Wednesday at 5:30am and 2pm, Thursday at 4pm and Saturday 9:30pm


Morning Hymns:

Helena starts your day with traditional church hymns mixed with prayer and reflections.
Broadcast: Weekdays at 8:10am


Padre’s Hour:

RME Director, Father Sam Randall, presents topics across the Catholic faith, interviewing experts in the topics Monday at 11am, Tuesday at 9pm, Friday at 2am and Saturday at 5pm.  If you have suggestions of people Father Sam should interview or you would like to share what your Catholic Organization is doing, please do email us at  We’d love to share your story.


Questions of Faith:

Questions of Faith sets out to answer your questions live on air on Fridays from 11am-12noon. What would you like to know? Do you have a Catechism conundrum or a Church History teaser that you’ve been scratching your head over?  RME priest director, Fr Sam Randall and guest presenters look forward to receiving your questions! Please send them to Broadcast: Fri LIVE 11:00, Sunday at 4pm, Mon 9pm and Thu 2am


Radio Maria England’s The Morning Show:

Join Helena as she brings on guests to share what they are doing in their parishes, with their communities and organisations to spread the light of Christ.  On some days, there will be guests and on other days, Helena will have games, quizzes and other ways for listeners to join in on the fun.  To message answers, thoughts, ideas or to be a guest on the show, please email with the Subject:  Morning Show.  The Morning Show is broadcast every weekday from 9am – 9:30am.


RMEY – Faith Vibe:

Ashish, Maryam, Alfie and Danny host a youth programme made my young people for young people.  The began their LIVE show the Friday, November 27th.  Each week – the group discuss the theme of advent leading up to a Christmas Special on December 25th.  Catch up with the group as a podcast and listen LIVE on Fridays at 5pm.



Science and Faith:

Tune in to our new Science and Faith programme on Radio Maria England ( Broadcast times every week until Easter: Sundays at 5pm, Wednesdays at 2am, Thursdays at 11am and Fridays at 9pm. We will be covering topics such as the big bang theory, creation, evolution, genetic modifications, bioethics, neuroscience, freewill, miracles and divine actions, and the resurrection of Jesus. Several guests are world-renown leading scientists or theologians from universities around the world.   Facebook/Instagram: @radiomariaengland  #RMESCIENCEANDFAITH


Songs in the Wilderness:

What songs have influenced you journey of Faith? Join Diane Redmond as she interviews Priests, Sisters, Brothers, Deacons and other Church laity as they share their journey of faith and the music that supported and inspired them along the way.  Did any of the songs mentioned inspire you? Do you have any personal connections with hymns or worship music? Email us at Broadcast: LIVE – Wednesday  at 11am and Rebroadcast – Thursdays at 9pm, Saturdays at 8pm and Tuesdays at 2am


Past Programmes from 2020:

Poetry For The Season:

In Poetry for the Season, poet Sally Read lead us through poems, new and old, familiar and unfamiliar, that are redolent of the liturgical season, and explored what they might mean to us and our faith. Sally is the author of three collections of poetry, all published by Bloodaxe Books, and Night’s Bright Darkness, the story of her conversion to Catholicism from atheism, and Annunciation, a Call to Faith in a Broken World, both published by Ignatius Press. Her first collection of poems as a believer, Dawn of this Hunger, is reaching completion. Sally trained and worked as a psychiatric nurse in her twenties, but was always writing poetry. During her conversion Sally came to understand that all poets seek to see with the eyes of God—that is, to perceive the connections between things, and their meaning in the world—and that poetry is the fabric of the Catholic faith in that it lives in scripture, liturgy, prayer and the way we think about Truth. Poetry for the Season aims to seduce you with beauty and make you see that real poetry is never far from God. Sally broadcast from Rome where she lives with her family. To listen to previous episodes, please listen on the following Podcast services:  Spotify, Google Podcasts, Radio Public, and other podcast services.

The Hermit

David has created a a newly edited version of his Peter Calvay Trilogy Wisdom from the Western Isles. Part One, The Hermit  tells the story of an academic, James Robertson from the USA, whose wife tragically died in childbirth. He turned from prayer and sought solace in drink instead. His life changed radically when he met Peter, the hermit, on the Island of Barra in the Outer Hebrides, where Peter was living the eremitical life on the remote Island of Calvay. Peter introduces James to prayer and he is led from Christian Meditation through to the understanding of Christian Contemplative prayer.  It turned out to be a spiritually  life-saving experience for James and it could be the same for you if you tune in to this fascinating story read by the author himself.  David Torkington is an English Spiritual Theologian, author and speaker,  specializing in Prayer, Christian Spirituality and Mystical Theology.  His website with details of his blogs, podcasts, Facebook and twitter accounts  can be found on

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Wisdom from the Workshop:

What must it have been like to grow-up next to St Joseph? Jesus grew-up under the protective and affectionate gaze of his foster father. In a time when many young people are looking
for father-figures to lead them into their identity and destiny, Pope Francis has inaugurated a year dedicated to St Joseph pointing the Church to this model of fatherhood and discipleship. Based on the Litany of St Joseph and their own personal friendship with St Joseph, Fr Gabriel Kyte, CFR and Br Francois Fontanie, CFR of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal will be leading us in a reflection and prayer each Wednesday throughout the month of March. Fatherhood and masculinity has been undermined in our culture but the Lord is faithful and is drawing men and women to find in the Church sources of authentic fatherhood rooted in the love of God, our Heavenly Father. With the year of St Joseph our attention has been drawn to him who remains an icon of God the Father for all of us. St Joseph desires to draw us to Jesus his son to find in Him our identity as sons and daughters. Join us in this time of prayer as we make the journey from St Joseph’s workshop to the Father’s House!

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