Radio Maria England’s Morning Show

Join Helena as she brings on guests to share what they are doing in their parishes, with their communities and organisations to spread the light of Christ.  On some days, there will be guests and on other days, Helena will have games, quizzes and other ways for listeners to join in on the fun.  To message answers, thoughts, ideas or to be a guest on the show, please email with the Subject:  Morning Show.  The Morning Show is broadcast every weekday from 9am – 9:30am.


Previous Guests:

The RME Morning show had special guest Sam Baker on the show on April 29th.  He shared with Helena and the Radio Maria England Community his work for Catholic Man, UK.  He shared the importance to give men a mission when forming a parish group for men and the importance that prayer is for men.  He also shared the upcoming virtual event on Saturday, 1 May – A day focused on Male Spirituality and Vocation Inspired by St Joseph. To sign up for the event and see more details, visit their site here.  What about you?  Do you belong to a men’s group with your parish?  Share your experiences with us!  Perhaps you might be interested in helping create a Catholic Man, UK series on Radio Maria England!  We would love that!  Email us at 

Gary Stephens, Leader of the New Dawn Conference 2021 shares his love of the Holy Spirit and why you should join us for the New Dawn 2021 Conference online this year!

Camilla White joins Helena and she shares her experience taking a walking pilgrimage to Walsingham. She also shares an opportunity that young adults have this summer (July 2021) to take a pilgrimage top Walsingham.

Vocation Music Awards, Mrs Margaret Cartwright (Vocations Ireland), Fr Joseph Raju Katthula (Claretian Priest) and Sister Frances Kelly (National Office Vocations)

Father Dedo And Maria

Fr. Philip John from Saint Philip Howard Church, Cambridge

Alan Davis, Author and Narrator of the Poet’s Gospel (

Serga Collete, CAFOD Cambridge

Marta Gallego, Secondary School teacher and Co-presenter of Radio Maria England’s Science and Faith

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