Sacred Music Spotlight

A relatively new weekend feature on the RME schedule is this engaging programme by the musically talented and wonderfully articulate Maryam Giraud. Each week Maryam draws our attention to a different piece of sacred music, unpacking the story behind it and the meaning beneath it. For Holy Saturday Maryam will be doing a special episode on Bach’s St Matthew Passion, of which she says the following, “To me, Bach’s St Matthew Passion is one of the best pieces of sacred music of all time. It’s beautiful, profound and heart-wrenching, and perfectly depicts Jesus’ final moments.” This is clearly a programme not to be missed. The programme is broadcast on Saturdays at 3.15pm and on Mondays at 12.30am.

LAST EPISODE on Saturday, April 29th.

Claudio Monteverdi (1567-1643) was an Italian composer who bridged the Renaissance and Baroque period. As well as helping develop the opera with his famous ‘L’Orfeo’, Monteverdi wrote much sacred music. This eighth episode of Sacred Music Spotlight focuses on his sacred work, ‘Vespers for the Blessed Virgin’.

These Vespers, written in 1610, are a beautiful example of an emotional connection to the text. You can hear the Byrd masses and you can hear Bach’s music in these Vespers. Tune in to hear some cool Renaissance-style singing, find out what the instrument called a cornetto is, and experience Monteverdi’s reaction to the sacred text and its deeper meaning!


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