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Volunteer Spotlight – Janice Randall I became a Christian in Aberdeen when I was fourteen and have read the Bible and prayed regularly since then. It has been wonderful to have Christianity as the basis of my marriage and family life. My husband and I have led several churches including an international one in Prague […]

Women Together – Season 2, Episode 4 On the brink – a journey through lockdown, alcoholism and healing The pandemic affected us all in many different ways, but for one woman, the close of her business brought her to rock bottom and alcohol abuse to the brink of suicide. Hear Katie’s amazing testimony of how […]

The RME Morning show had special guest Sam Baker on the show this morning, April 29th.  He shared with Helena and the Radio Maria England Community his work for Catholic Man, UK.  He shared the importance to give men a mission when forming a parish group for men and the importance that prayer is for […]

Women Together – Episode 3 – April 29, 2021 Hospitality and friendship amongst people with, and people without, learning disabilities.  Janice speaks to Reverend Debbie Ford and Lakshmi.  These two women work with Lynn’s House. Lynn’s House is a Christian-inspired charity providing a space for hospitality and friendship amongst people with, and people without, learning […]

Women Together – Episode 2 – April 22, 2021 Have you ever dreamt of doing something completely radical?  A change of career, or a move abroad?  Maybe you dream of getting out of the so-called ‘rat-race’ and experiencing life at a slower pace?  Well, our guest today did just that.  Following the trauma of walking through infertility, Sarah and […]

Exploring the Faith – Episode 2 – Exploring World Vocations Sunday LIVE, Monday 19 April at 9:30am and rebroadcast Tue 5:30am, Wed 1:00am, Thu 8:30pm, Fri 2:30pm, Sat 10:15am. Father Sam Randall will be exploring vocations for Catholics and looking towards World Vocations Sunday. Special guests on the show are: Sr Frances Kelly – Sr […]

Women Together Return for Season 2! Genevieve, Helena, Gail, Sandy and Janice return with Di Redmond for a new season of Women Together on Radio Maria England!  Once again, we have an exciting series hearing from all sorts of women with all sorts of experiences covering all sorts of subjects from social opportunities for people […]

On this week’s Padre’s Hour, Fr. Sam speaks to Fr. Adrian Graffy.  With all the focus on the Bible recently this year and during the time, he thought it would be a good idea to have a Biblical expert on the show.  Fr. Adrian Graffy is a Scripture scholar and parish priest at Christ The […]

New Programme: Exploring the Faith Father Sam Randall, priest director of Radio Maria England, explores the Catechism and the teachings of the Catholic Church.  Listeners are invited to share their stories by calling in during the LIVE show on Mondays at 9:30am starting Monday, April 12th.  The number to call is 02037 818 423. Broadcast:  […]

New Programme: Poetry with Aunty Christiane This new programme shares Christine’s discussions with Aunty Christiane, 82 years old poet, born in a small village called Bury in Belgium and now living in London. She enjoys writing poems and she likes sharing them with people.  Christine is our narrator who shares personal experiences with Aunty Christiane […]

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