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Faith and Family in the time of Covid-19

Written by on 01/05/2020

Faith and Family in the time of COVID 19 LogoI had been doing some interviews with Father Sam for Radio Maria, and once we were in lockdown, this was organised by Helena Judd via Zoom, which is how I got to meet her!  She asked me if I would be happy to interview families about their experiences coping with lockdown. I am a real people-person; I love talking to people, and I find their experiences and insights, particularly when it comes to faith, fascinating.  So, I was very happy to comply!  Helena sent me her production proposal and this was the first time I saw the name of the series: Faith & Family in the time of Covid-19.

Doing the series made me reflect on my experience of lockdown; am I thriving?  How is God drawing me to Himself during this time?
I was struck by the humility, faith and resilience of our interviewees.  We spoke to families juggling work and homeschooling children, dealing with bereavement, and still managing to keep an incredible, inspiring perspective, and good humour!
It was very clear in every case how central their faith was in giving them both strength and courage to keep pressing on.
I was interested in knowing more about how this faith was fed and manifested?  It became clear that the daily masses online were incredibly important in keeping people connected to their faith.  Even the children appreciated the stillness and time for reflection it afforded.  We also heard of testimonies where God had clearly met their needs – even providing loo-roll!
I think every family mentioned the blessing of spending more quality time together, being more connected to one another, and to God.  But, they also spoke of the challenges of lockdown, from sharing a small space together, to being apart from loved ones when we want to be with them most.
A highlight of the series was interviewing my sister!  She is a key-worker in fresh produce, and it was delightful hearing her express her faith.
Every time I hear a testimony I am so encouraged and challenged to reach higher in my own relationship with God. I hope and pray the series will be a blessing to you all!
Please check out the programme for further details.


Family and Faith Series, Radio MariaGenevieve Wedgbury is a volunteer for Radio Maria England, and has been presenting the ‘Faith and Family in the time of Covid-19’ series, which is due to be aired soon – stay tuned!

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