It’s Lockdown

Written by on 07/04/2020

Last Christmas, if I had told you that in a few months’ time schools would close, you wouldn’t be able to go to pubs and restaurants, you’d only be allowed to shop for essentials once a week and leave your home once a day for exercise and that you could be punished for not obeying the rules, you’d probably think I had gone bonkers, or I was gathering ideas for a new dystopian book.

In recent days, a letter from our Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has reached all households in the UK saying just that. And of course, we’ve been following the current situation on the news; and maybe we have slowly become “immune” towards the constant recital of infected people and deaths.

Most of us are now staying at home. But how can we celebrate Easter this way? I know there are many lists out there, with tips on what to do during this pandemic. But few probably deal with the following questions. Here is an attempt to answer them.

If I can’t visit Church, can Jesus visit me? Yes, he will do so spiritually. We should try to “attend” Mass online or by listening to the radio with our full attention and in prayer.

If I were to die, would I be prepared to meet God? If we fully regret our sins, Jesus forgives us, even if we are unable to go to Confession.

If life in lockdown carries on for long, will I cope? Nobody knows for sure, how long this will take. As Christians, we can be sure that God is always with us. Father Sam, the director of Radio Maria England, has reminded us in a letter, not to be afraid. You can read the full letter here.

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