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Written by on 20/03/2023

On Monday, March 20th, the Feast of St Joseph, Peter Vardy shared with listeners his and other’s answers from questions of his own daughters.  The Philosophers’ Daughters is a book about Petra and Thora Vardy’s big questions answered by leading philosophers, scientists, educators and religious thinkers from around the world.

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Some review of The Philosophers’ Daughters:
‘This is a book like no other, not only for the young but for everyone who wants to engage in deep thinking about life, death, the world, relationships and God. A thoroughly accessible gem that will stretch your thinking and stir your imagination.’
Dr Anna Abrams, Principal, Margaret Beaufort Institute, Cambridge

‘If you pick this up, and open to any page, and start reading, I predict you will want to read more, and then some more, and more again. The questions put by the Philosophers’ daughters are thrilling in their vitality and fearless curiosity, and the answers come from so many perspectives, and in different styles: some certain, others more exploratory and speculative, but all of them marked by an unusual clarity of expression, directness, and brevity. Some responses will make you think, or inspire you. Others might make you argue back, or disagree strongly. Either way, it will help you to work out what you think and believe, and what
you don’t know at all. You may find some answers. Definitely you will find better questions. It is a hugely stimulating book. It will appeal to children and teenagers, certainly, but also to anyone, of any age, who is still open to thinking curiously and non-dogmatically about the big questions in life, and about life. I know of nothing else quite like it’.
Professor Christopher Insole, Professor of Philosophical Theology and Ethics, University of Durham and Australian Catholic University

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