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Written by on 03/08/2022

Meet the newest member of the team – Izzy Rettke-Grover.  She joins the team as our Promoter for the London area.

Why is your faith important to you?

Faith is more than just important to me, it stems from and inhibits everything that I do. It is my reason for living and I seek to glorify God in every word and deed. Ever since I had my first encounter with God, aged 18, I could see the difference between living a life fully and entirely for God and just knowing of God’s existence. I have also seen how saying ‘yes’ to God, has a ripple effect not just on the individual but also on those around them. I keep seeing how when we  continuously surrender to and allow God to minister to us, the more God can use us as vessels to bless and inspire others. 

Was there a period in your life when faith became particularly important?

I grew up anglican and we went to Church every week but it wasn’t until the age of 18 where faith really became my own. A friend invited me to her charismatic anglican Church where I heard the gospel message and discovered that I could have a personal relationship with God. A relationship that changes your entire outlook on life and the way you live it. I could also see people around me living out their faith, and not just on a Sunday for one hour! This changed everything!

Through studying Philosophy and Theology and having some deep Catholic friendships, I began a journey that led me to becoming a Catholic. My faith became much more full and rich when I could see the truth and beauty of the Catholic faith. God revealed this truth not just intellectually but spirituality into my heart. There’s nothing quite like being able to receive Jesus in the flesh! Nor asking the most powerful intercessor (Mary) to pray for you! 

How did you come to work for Radio Maria?

Two friends of mine recommended I apply for the role of Promoter at Radio Maria. I have been looking for a job in Catholic mission and evangelisation and was intrigued by the job. I had never heard of Radio Maria before and the more I researched it, the more I grew to love the vision of accompanying and connecting with its listeners (in a very maternal way) and as a tool for strengthening the faith of listeners. Also, for a source of outreach to people inside and outside of the Church. 

As Radio Maria England continues to develop, what do you especially hope to see?

As I mentioned earlier about the ripple effect of faith, I desire and look forward to seeing how Radio Maria becomes a strong Catholic presence in many people’s homes and the radio being known to many more people. I hope to see a greater community of people listening and engaging with the radio station. Also, for it to continue to be a source of inspiration and source of hope for many. I also look forward to seeing how it might reach people outside the Church,  who otherwise might have not found a way to experience the Catholic faith. 

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