Sarah de Nordwall, a bard, on Just Life!

Written by on 25/01/2022

Sarah de Nordwall, a bard, on Just Life!

Poetry opens the world…

In this podcast, award winning poet and bard Sarah de Nordwall encourages us to step out in the spirit of Pope Saint John Paul II to reinvigorate our culture as the contemplative creatives we might be called to be!  She shares with us not only some of her poetry but also the charism of the Bard School which she set up in 2006 to inspire and nurture other Christian Creatives of all kinds.  We hear how the fascinating aspects of the message of Our Lady of Lourdes informs and motivates the artists of the Bard School and how you can become a bard too.

She reminds us that according to Charles Peguy, the French write, ‘Everything begins in mysticism and end in politics’ and that writing and art spring from the powers of our soul and must be lived as a grace-filled spiritual practice if we are to help our culture to ‘meet and master the challenges of the age’.  (Letter to Artists 1999, Pope Saint John Paul II)

You are also invited to come to sample some Bard School trainings on Zoom this week – Wednesday  26th January 2022 at 7pm and Saturday 29th Jan 2022 at 3pm – in preparation for the Bard school’s regular Bardic Mic Night ‘When Joy Begins’ which will be taking place on Friday 11th February 2022

For more information email Sarah on

Sarah’s book in print and audio is available on Amazon, Audible and

Sarah lives in Walsingham in a wonderful bardic attic in the Old Bake House and also in London.  Do get in touch if you would like to book her for performances, workshops or projects in the community.


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