Science and Faith: Episode 1 – Cosmology: From Alpha to Omega

Written by on 10/02/2021

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Cosmology: From Alpha to Omega

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The end, the beginning and quite a bit in between… That’s what we explored in our riveting cosmology episode. Our guest  Prof Paul Shellard and in-house science and faith advisors, Fr Robert Verrill and Br Paolo Beltrame, took part in this conversation.

We began the discussion by exploring the well-known Big Bang Theory and its Catholic originator Belgian astronomer Fr Georges Lemaître. In an inspiring and reverential way in equal measure, our speakers delved into the physics of the beginning and the end of the universe. They also conversed about other interesting theories, the limits of cosmology and what the future might hold for this scientific endeavour.

Theology and apologetics governed the second half of this episode. We addressed if we should draw parallels between Genesis 1 and scientific cosmological theories, how to reconcile the holy scriptures with modern cosmological models and whether they present any problems for Christianity. All in all, does modern cosmology offer humanity ultimate hope?

If you would like to listen to the full episode you can do so by tuning into Radio Maria England (check our online schedule) or our podcast format on Spotify!

We are incredibly grateful to Prof Shellard for his expertise and contribution to this episode both scientific and spiritual.

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Prof Paul Shellard

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