Science and Faith: Episode 2 – Creation or Evolution – Do we have to choose?

Written by on 20/02/2021

Radio Maria England Science and Faith

Episode 2:  Creation or Evolution – Do we have to choose?

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A major breakthrough in 1859, the publication of On The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin lays the ground for evolutionary biology. In episode 2 of our Science and Faith series, Dr Denis Alexander told us about Darwin’s life, his famous voyage aboard HMS Beagle and his faith. 

Following the brief introduction to the birth of evolutionary biology, Dr Alexander and Fr Nicanor Austriaco (who insisted we call him Fr Nic as his students affectionately do), delighted us with their comprehensive explanations of the theory of evolution and the principles of the various mechanisms underpinning it. 

Our theology section was split into two overarching themes. Firstly, our experts discussed the way we ought to interpret the book of Genesis particularly events surrounding Adam and Eve. The latter prompted questions about Original Sin and the Doctrine of The Fall in light of evolutionary biology. Then, we explored whether it is fitting for God to “simply create through evolution”, what the purpose of it might be and whether Darwin’s theory of evolution leaves room for human uniqueness and God-bestowed gifts.

Can someone be a Christian and believe in creation and evolution?

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Dr Denis Alexander

Dr Denis Alexander


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Fr Nicanor Austriaco

Fr Nicanor Austriaco


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