Science and Faith: Episode 3- Modifying Our Genes: Is It Playing God?

Written by on 25/02/2021

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Modifying Our Genes: Is It Playing God?

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In episode three of our Science and Faith series, we explore different aspects of the often controversial field of genetic modification.

We began with Fr Robert Verrill’s introduction to the Augustinian prelate Gregor Mendel, known as the Father of Genetics, and the empirical data he obtained of trait inheritance in pea plants. We were then in a position to ask Prof. Keith Fox for a definition of the term ‘genetic modification’, which Dr Hilary Yancey followed up by examining some of the reasons why the scientific community is interested in genome manipulation. Lastly, we posed questions about the risks and regulations of genetic engineering.

In our theology segment, we addressed whether there is a clear stance on which genetic modifications are morally permissible before moving on to the potential social ramifications of these procedures. This discussion resulted in the acknowledgement of individual gifts, talents, uniqueness and the importance of protecting human life in all its forms.

Ultimately, what principles should guide us in determining the appropriate use of genetic modification?

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