Songs in the Wilderness – Guest – Sandy Hobson

Written by on 17/03/2021

Songs in the Wilderness – Guest for 17 March 2021 – Sandy Hobson

Sandy was born in Toronto Canada.  Her father was an atheist and her mother attended services with the Church of England. She attended Jesse Ketchum School and then moved to Oakville when she was about 6.  She was brought over to England when she was 10 and moved in with grandmother. At the age of 11, she attended boarding school and then returned home when she was 15 years old.  She attended Mander College to learn business studies, shorthand, bookkeeping, etc.  She left home for good at 17 years old and joined the military. She served in the military in the UK and then Germany, where she met her husband. She decided to get married and forfeited her career.   She had 3 children, travelled and served all over Germany and then went to the far east. Then, she came back and served in numerous places within the UK. She became a Catholic when she was expecting her daughter Lucy, at the age of 22.  She was then renewed in her faith when she was 55 year old.

She is a member of the Soul Food Prayer group in Cambridge and is one of the founders of the Ablaze Mass at Saint Laurence Catholic Church in Cambridge.  She is also one of the presenters for Radio Maria England’s Women Together.

Songs in the Wilderness is broadcast:  LIVE on Wednesday, 17 March at 11am and then rebroadcast on Thursday (18 March) at 9pm, Saturday (20 March) at 8pm and Tuesday (22 March) at 2am.

Songs in the Wilderness is available as a podcast through the link below.


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