Songs in the Wilderness – Sam Baker

Written by on 05/07/2021

Songs in the Wilderness – Sam Baker

On this Season Finale of Songs in the Wilderness, Diane Redmond speaks to Sam Baker, Co-Founder and Director of Catholic Man UK.  Sam is a husband and father and on a quest to discover and live out authentic masculinity as ordained by God and upheld by the Catholic Church.  He is a self described Lover of God & the Faith, of family, fraternity, good whiskies, fragrant tobacco, stimulating reads, conversing, hill-walking, power-lifting, and various combinations thereof.  The show is LIVE on Wednesday, 07 July.   This will be rebroadcast Thursday (8 July) at 9pm, Saturday (10 July) at 8pm and Tuesday (13 July) at 2am

Action is at the heart of Catholic Man UK. Men must be single minded in pursuing the mission of authentic Catholic manhood – love of God, self-knowledge and self-discipline in the virtues, leading us to perfect our primary duty of sacramental and sacrificial fatherhood. And we must pursue this mission in physical groups alongside good Catholic men, who we can imitate and encourage, sharing in the sonship that comes from sharing the Eucharist. And, writes author and psychologist, G. C. Dilsaver, “in such company [we] will discover inspiring examples of men of virtue and the dynamic of positive Catholic peer pressure… as [we] strive to develop the strengths of Catholic manhood”. When men live out this mission, we will lead our families to Christ; then we and our families will bring the life of Christ into the world.  Please check out more at their website:

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