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Written by on 20/07/2022

Mornings with Radio Maria

On Friday, July 22, Hugh Duncan will be our guest on Mornings with Radio Maria and he will updating listeners on his Music Disc about the life and mission of Mary Magdalene.  The Broadcast will be rebroadcast Friday at 3:15pm and is available as a podcast below:

More about Hugh Duncan:  A British/Irish Catholic, who grew up in London, obtained a degree in astronomy and became a physics teacher for four decades! A French wife and four children, living in the South of France. A lifelong love of maths and music and a passion for both Mary Magdalene and the Shroud of Turin. A desire to do something useful.

More about Penny Mac: Penny is classically trained musician violin, voice, piano and the flute. She studied Jazz and Contemporary music at the Leeds Conservatoire and was brought up in Hale, Cheshire. She has travelled internationally working as a singer in the Middle East, Japan, Maldives & on cruise ships in Europe, Asia & the US and has performed at Leeds, Covent Garden, Nice, Juan Les Pins – Jazz Festivals.  She has also sang for Prince Charles & Princess Diana in London in 2001 Royal Gala.  She has won awards as a songwriter: Los Angeles Short Film Fest 2019; Golden Giraffe Film Festival 2022 & Hollywood Gold Film Festival 2022.  She was baptized and confirmed in the Church of England and then came back to her faith after a low point in life and was confirmed Catholic in 2011. She has two children and a cat.  Currently, she is working on an original album of my own (hence the sabbatical).  She has enjoyed working with Hugh and Rick saying, ‘We make a great team!’

All music & lyrics by Hugh Duncan. All instruments, mixing, everything, Rick Preston, recorded in what was once the Monastére Notre-Dame-de-Fours, at Fours and at Clides: vocals & vocal arrangements performed & recorded by Penny Mac McMorris at Clemenceau Studios, Nice. Cover design Heloise Duncan. Many thanks to everyone who helped to make this project a reality and the rest of you for your support. Profits from this album will go to Les Maisons Bethleem in Toulon and the Alma Mater Fund in Scotland to help single mothers in difficulty. An unknown sinner washed Jesus’ feet with her tears and hair, but was it Mary Magdalene? She might have made this gesture as Jesus freed her from seven demons. Jesus explained to his followers that Mary Magdalene was like a lost pearl, who now had a special role to play. She asked Jesus how she might become a better person and he told her to talk to his mother. Mary joined the band of women that travelled around with Jesus, helping him with his mission. Mary’s sister Martha did not always appreciate Mary’s devotion to the Lord so Christ explained that the most important thing was to hear the Word. When their brother Lazarus was seriously ill, Mary’s tears brought Christ’s compassion. Mary anointed Christ again, before he was arrested, tried and sentenced to death. Mary, along with Jesus’ mother and John were at the cross and both Marys helped to prepare the Lord for the tomb. Mary Magdalene met the angels at the tomb then after that the risen Christ with his message to give to the world. Copyright Sacem © 2022, contact: hughduncan39@gmail.com

A little about Hugh’s Current Project:  The project was to write an album of songs about Mary Magdalene, record and sell them to raise money for Les Maisons Bethléem. This organization was created by Bishop Dominique Rei in 2004 in Toulon to help single mothers in difficulty. They are given a safe environment from domestic abuse, along with financial and emotional support. Rick Preston played the instruments and recorded the album, while Penny Mac McMorris did the vocals and their arrangements. This album is part of a wider project ‘Mercy Music’ where music will be sold to raise funds for charitable causes. The Web site is under construction with the hope of going live in spring 2021. In the meantime, the song ‘Talking To Mary’ can be found on YouTube at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yCjAZyrlEaI


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