Testimonies from Walsingham

Testimonies from Walsingham

For the Summer of 2021 – why not travel with some pilgrims to Walsingham with Radio Maria England? Join Diane Redmond, Robert Tickle and Fr Michael Rear as they share their experiences, as well as other pilgrims’ experiences, of travelling to the National Shrine of Walsingham. Join us starting on July 14th at 11am every Wednesday morning LIVE.

Do you have a testimony from your pilgrimage or trip to the National Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham? Please share pictures, stories or messages to info@RadioMariaEngland.uk or text/WhatsApp us at 07502 385 010.

The series will be broadcast LIVE on Wednesdays at 11am starting on July 14th. The show will be rebroadcast Thursdays at 9pm, Saturdays at 8pm and Tuesdays at 2am.




Your presenters:

  • Diane Redmond – Diane Redmond is a British author and dramatist. She became interested in children’s literature while teaching English in Italy. Redmond returned to England where she continued teaching. She also became a radio and TV presenter. Redmond is a prolific writer for children, having authored the Joshua Cross series of historical adventure stories. Her recent book, Pilgrim Cat, is about a cat who adopts Walsingham not only because of God, or Our Lady, but for the amazing food that the Pilgrims bring along with them.  The book can be purchased at the Pilgrim Shop in Walsingham.  Redmond has also written for the stage, radio and television.  Diane has been a presenter for the much loved series, Songs in the Wilderness on Radio Maria England.  She was also a producer and co-presenter for both seasons of Women Together.
  • Robert Tickle – Robert is a member of the Catholic Record Society which studies Catholic history especially from the Recusant period. He is a member of the Walsingham Association as he values the witness of Walsingham to the Incarnation and the importance of Our Lady’s prayers for England. He is also a member of the Association for Latin Liturgy, the Friends of Cathedral Music and the Ordinariate.  He is a volunteer presenter for Radio Maria England supporting her work through presenting Saint of the Day and Journey Through Scripture.
  • Father Michael Rear – Author of Walsingham:  Pilgrims and Pilgrimage.  He is now a retired priest of the Diocese of East Anglia, has been leading pilgrimages to Rome for decades. He is also the author of Rome: A Pilgrim Guide Book also published by Gracewing.


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