The Biblical Covenant: Derek Williams on Radio Maria England

Written by on 03/10/2022

Derek Williams on Radio Maria England

Derek Williams is a Catholic lay evangelist who has been involved in evangelisation since February 1990 which was when he had a powerful experience of God that changed his life. He then trained in evangelisation, healing, deliverance, prayer, counselling and spiritual direction. In October 2003, after a time of discernment, God called him into the harvest field. He resigned his job and became a full-time evangelist. His ministry was mainly to Catholics, teaching sacred scripture and and talking to people about baptism in the Holy Spirit, a baptism of fire. Thousands of souls experienced a fresh impetus to their spiritual lives as a result of his ministry, and he also witnessed the Lord’s healing power.

Derek began evangelising all over England, Scotland, and Wales. Word of mouth spread exuberantly, and he was then welcomed in Portugal, Spain, Malta, Slovakia, Hungary, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Australia and most recently, America! His ministry has included giving parish seminars, retreats, speaking at conferences, day events, evening events, writing books, and producing videos.

In September 2016, he laid down his ministry in order to take a much-needed sabbatical from what had been a very intensive evangelisation programme. During this time (of about 6 years), Derek had been living a life of relative silence and solitude; focusing on his interior life and growth in the Spirit!

Finally, Derek has a gift. When he proclaims the gospel, it is riveting. He is very enthusiastic about God’s Word and his passion comes across. He has a good sense of humour and has a very easy going and likable personality. When he travelled to Portugal in 2005 they gave him the nickname ‘God’s fireman’ because he was igniting fires at every meeting. He loves Jeremiah 5:14, ‘Behold, I make my word in your mouth as a fire, and this people is the wood it will devour’.

Listen to Derek LIVE every Tuesday afternoon from 4-5pm and call in 01223 375564 with your questions or reflections.  

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