Ep 7 – Broadcasts on April 1st (Saturday) at 8:00pm, April 3rd (Monday) at 5pm, and April 6th (Thursday) at 12:30am This bonus episode is the cherry on the cake of our very successful universities phase. Marta sits down to chat with Francesca (student from the Durham chaplaincy panel) and Anthony (student form the Leeds […]

Chaplaincy: Edinburgh Ep 6 – Broadcasts on March 25th (Saturday) at 8:00pm, March 27th (Monday) at 5pm, and March 30th (Thursday) at 12:30am On this episode, we travel up to Scotland and after some delectable haggis and IronBru, we discussed the most appealing aspects of science and faith, the “God of the gaps” argument, and […]

Chaplaincy: Bristol Ep 5 – Broadcasts on March 18th (Saturday) at 8:00pm, March 20th (Monday) at 5pm, and March 23rd (Thursday) at 12:30am On this episode we discussed how science and faith have interacted in the lives of our speakers, whether complementing each other or, at times, encountering situations where there might have been some […]

Radio Maria England Appoints New Operations Coordinator. Former London Greek Radio Head of Programming Pierre Petrou has been appointed as Operations Coordinator for Radio Maria England. Mr Petrou will be responsible for the day-to-day running of the station, managing the staff, controlling finances, assisting in editorial output, and will also sit on the Executive Committee […]

Chaplaincy: Bangor Ep 4 – Broadcasts on March 11th (Saturday) at 8:00pm, March 13th (Monday) at 5pm, and March 16th (Thursday) at 12:30am On this episode we talked about what happens when we don’t find answers to our questions or, indeed, answers that we don’t like both in science and our journeys of faith. What […]

Chaplaincy: Leeds Universities Ep 3 – Broadcasts on March 4th (Saturday) at 8:00pm, March 6th (Monday) at 5pm, and March 9th (Thursday) at 12:30am Our panel of speakers included Fr Chris Gorton and Matthew Dell and two students from the chaplaincy: Sona and Anthony. On this episode we talked about science and RE as subjects […]

Chaplaincy: Newman House, London Ep 2 – Broadcasts on February 25 (Saturday) at 8:00pm, February 27 (Monday) at 5pm, and March 2 (Thursday) at 12:30am Our panel of speakers included Prof Stephen Bullivant and two students from the chaplaincy: Caterina and Sean. Caterina is completing a PhD in Epidemiology and Sean is training to become […]

Chaplaincy: Durham University Ep 1 – Broadcasts on February 19 (Saturday) at 8:00pm, February 20 (Monday) at 5pm, and February 23 (Thursday) at 12:30am The second leg of the RME Faith Journeys in Science’s tour got off to a great start at Durham University’s Catholic Chaplaincy on October 23rd. After our round of events at […]

We are excited about the upcoming broadcasts of our latest season of Faith Journeys in Science which is part of our Science and Faith Series.  Below you’ll find out informaiton on the Broadcast dates.  We still haev several in person events left that you are welcome to join us for.  You can find those dates and […]

On Friday, 9th of December, James Somerville-Meikle spoke on Radio Maria about a new Parliamentary inquiry into assisted suicide. Below is some more information:  Catholic Union to make voice of the laity heard on assisted suicide inquiry The Catholic Union is encouraging its members and supporters to make their voices heard in a new Parliamentary […]

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