Celebrating Stella Maris for Sea Sunday Join Radio Maria England in celebrating Stella Maris and Sea Sunday!  Radio Maria England has really been blessed with our partnership with Stella Maris – through sharing their Stations of the Cross and Julian Wong’s weekly presentation of  Prayers for the Seafarers on Thursdays at 1:30pm and Fridays at 12:30am.  […]

Morning Show – Guest Sr. Gemma Simmonds – Monday, 5 July 2021 On Monday, Sister Gemma Simmonds joined Helena to talk about retreats and her new book, Dancing at the Still Point: Retreat Practices For a Busy Life.  Retreats give us a space for contemplation and developing our relationship with God, but they aren’t always possible. […]

  Radio Maria England Science and Faith Episode 8: Embryonic cells in research and medicine – Is the Church against progress?     Science and Faith will be broadcast Sunday at 5pm, Wednesday at 2am, Thursday at 11am and Friday at 9pm. In episode eight of our Science and Faith series, we invited two guests, […]

Radio Maria England Science and Faith Resurrection   Broadcast times: Sunday at 5pm, Wednesday at 2am, Thursday at 11am and Friday at 9pm. The Nicene Creed reads “…For our sake he was crucified under Pontius Pilate; he suffered death and was buried. On the third day he rose again in accordance with the Scriptures…”. Inspired […]

Radio Maria England Science and Faith Episode 5: Neuroscience, free will and faith   Broadcasts: Sunday 5pm, Wednesday 2am, Thursday 11am and Friday 9pm In episode 5 of our Science and Faith series, we were joined by Dr Sarah Lane Ritchie (Lecturer in Theology & Science at the University of Edinburgh), Revd Prof Alasdair Coles […]

Volunteer Spotlight:  Anita Fildes Why is your Faith important to you?  Faith enables me to grow in love, grow in wisdom, and grow in freedom. Christ died on the cross to give me these gifts.  Every day I discover more what it means to build the kingdom of God and discover God’s love for me. […]

Radio Maria England Science and Faith Modifying Our Genes: Is It Playing God? Broadcasts: Sundays at 5pm, Wednesdays at 2am, Thursdays at 11am and Fridays at 9pm. In episode three of our Science and Faith series, we explore different aspects of the often controversial field of genetic modification. We began with Fr Robert Verrill’s introduction […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Lucia Watson Why is your faith important to you?  Was there a period in your life when faith became particularly important? I find this question so hard to answer!  Well, my faith has been in a constant state of evolution ever since I was born! I remember clearly the very simple prayers that […]

Songs in the Wilderness – Broadcast Live Wednesday 27 January 2021 This week, Diane Redmond speaks with Sister Gemma Simmonds and finds out what music was influential throughout her life and the many adventures she’s had with her faith.  We at Radio Maria England have thoroughly enjoyed having Sister Gemma Simmonds as part of our […]

Morning Show – Weekdays at 9am Helena is very excited to share with you the new Morning Show on Radio Maria England.  The show will have Helena providing games, quizzes, prayers and fun, faith filled ways to start your day!  Some days, she’ll have special guests on to chat with as well.  Father Sam has […]

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