Message from Fr. Toby

Dear Listeners, I’m going to start off with a provocative statement: ‘You’d be better off if you paid for more things’! Now, you might retort, ‘Chance would be a fine thing, I have to pay for everything and more than I used to!’ And popular expressions would back you up, ‘Nothing in this life is […]

Fr Toby’s Homily for Radio Maria Celebration Mass 5 November 2022 Dear Listeners, ‘It is a great joy to me, in the Lord, that at last you have shown some concern for me again; though of course you were concerned before, and only lacked an opportunity. I am not talking about a shortage of money […]

All Souls Day Letter from Fr Toby The Christmas items are now in the stores and no doubt the adverts and the rest will soon follow. However, we’re still preparing for Advent, so there’s a few more newsletters, before any Christmas greetings from me! As we begin the month of November with the great Solemnity […]

Dear Listeners, It’s a truism that we live in an era of rights without responsibilities. Read the papers, scroll online and you’ll hear countless cries of ‘I have a right to’, ‘X ought to do more’, ‘something ought to be done about this’, we might call it expectation without obligation. It isn’t a good thing. […]

I declare before you all that my whole life whether it be long or short shall be devoted to your service and the service of our great imperial family to which we all belong. Switch out ‘imperial family’ for ‘World Family’ and you would have a pretty good oath for a new Priest Director at […]

Dear Listeners and Volunteers, August is a month of holy days and holidays, although for most of Christian history we wouldn’t have distinguished between the two. The word holiday derives from holy day and gets its contemporary meaning from the fact that these special holy days were days to set aside work and labour, a […]

British Summer time! ‘Mum, I’m bored’ . . . and, then, you start to drive them somewhere, where they’ll be less bored, only to hear the constant refrain of ‘Are we there yet?’ and, worse still, you arrive  . . . and it’s raining! Yes, it’s that time of year . . . it’s the […]

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