Summer Family Programming and Prayers We are very excited to share with you some special family programming for August for families. On Mondays – Fridays we will be broadcasting the following schedule for your family to take part in: 7:10pm – The Wind in the Willows presented by Sr. Cecilia 7:25pm – Sacred Heart Prayers […]

Vocations – Episode 2 – Vocations and the COP21 Join us LIVE on Tuesday, 20 July, at 11am as we continue our series on Vocations.  For our second episode, we are discussing how God calls us to look after our planet and to care for all His creation. Our vocation as God’s people is to […]

Vocations: Episode 1 – What is a Vocation? Please join us LIVE, Tuesday, 13th of July at 11am, for our first episode of Vocations!  The guest list for this episode is very impressive and they all bring such a devotion to their vocation and a wealth of experience.  This show will be rebroadcast on Wednesday […]

New Series – 5, 6, 7, 8 – FAITH! Join Helena and a range of guests talk about theatre and musical theatre and the influences that the church has made on the West End and around the world!  Sharing musical number from shows, chatting with Theatre chaplains, join us for some fun and enlightening discussions […]

What Good News Join us for a new series on Radio Maria England – What Good News – a series presented by Fr Adrian Graffy. Originally, these Faith Talks were mostly given to a general parish audience at the Catholic Church of Christ the Eternal High Priest in Gidea Park, Romford. We hope you find […]

New Programme – The Gifts of the Spirit with Fr. Sam Randall Recently we celebrated in our churches the Feast of Pentecost and the giving of the Spirit.   Saint Paul in 1Corthians writes that it is the Spirit of God who distributes to the people of God gifts which are the source of the Church’s […]

The RME Morning show had special guest Sam Baker on the show this morning, April 29th.  He shared with Helena and the Radio Maria England Community his work for Catholic Man, UK.  He shared the importance to give men a mission when forming a parish group for men and the importance that prayer is for […]

Women Together – Episode 3 – April 29, 2021 Hospitality and friendship amongst people with, and people without, learning disabilities.  Janice speaks to Reverend Debbie Ford and Lakshmi.  These two women work with Lynn’s House. Lynn’s House is a Christian-inspired charity providing a space for hospitality and friendship amongst people with, and people without, learning […]

Women Together – Episode 2 – April 22, 2021 Have you ever dreamt of doing something completely radical?  A change of career, or a move abroad?  Maybe you dream of getting out of the so-called ‘rat-race’ and experiencing life at a slower pace?  Well, our guest today did just that.  Following the trauma of walking through infertility, Sarah and […]

New Programme: Poetry with Aunty Christiane This new programme shares Christine’s discussions with Aunty Christiane, 82 years old poet, born in a small village called Bury in Belgium and now living in London. She enjoys writing poems and she likes sharing them with people.  Christine is our narrator who shares personal experiences with Aunty Christiane […]

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