Women Together: Guest Elizabeth Peck

Written by on 27/09/2022

Women Together: Guest Elizabeth Peck

Author, Elizabeth Peck, will be joining the team of Women Together to discuss her book, “Why Does Mummy’s Tummy Hurt“.  Broadcast LIVE on Wednesday, September 28th from 8:30 – 9:30pm – listeners will be invited to call 01223 375564 to share their experiences with speaking to their children about some of the “bigger issues” life throws their way.

About the Book:  You’re a mother with a young child, who always wants to come with you everywhere, including to the bathroom. Every month you have the stress of making the child wait outside, confused and upset, while you now also upset and stressed out deal with sanitary products and all the rest. If only you had a child-friendly book to explain all this to your little one, so that they didn’t feel abandoned, scared, or confused, and you could have some privacy! Why Does Mummy’s Tummy Hurt? explains periods in a warm, child-centred and age-appropriate way, to help mums in exactly this situation.

About the Author: Elizabeth has grown in her love of writing since the birth of her daughter in 2015. Her inspiration is her desire to communicate both everyday and profound truths to her daughter, in ways that are at once accurate and beautiful. Exploring ideas from the menstrual cycle to the meaning of beauty itself, Elizabeth s writing allows children to consider concepts that help to shape how they understand the world.  She teaches at St. Mary’s School in Cambridge.

To listen to the podcast, please click below.


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