Awakenings (Testimonies of Faith and Conversion)

A series of testimonies of conversion and faith. New episodes are broadcast once a month on a Thursday (usually the first Thursday of the month) at 10:00 (repeated at 22:00). An episode from the archive is broadcast each Tuesday at 20:30.

Below are the details of guests in some earlier series.



13 – 19 October

1: Cyprian Blamires, scholar, historian, editor, translator

20 – 26 October

2: Maria who blogs as ‘A Repentant Catholic’

27 October – 2 November

3: Gian-Luca, a volunteer with Radio Maria England

3 – 9 November

4: Jacki Ascough, Catholic broadcaster

10 – 16 November

5: Sally Read, poet and presenter of Poetry for the Season

17 – 23 November

6: Antonia Salzano, mother of the Blessed Carlo Acutis

24 – 30 November

7: Marino Restrepo, author, actor, musician, composer and lay missionary who founded ‘Pilgrims of Love’

1 – 7 December

8: Sue Whitehead of Catholic Charismatic Renewal

8 – 14 December

9: John Pridmore, former gangster

15 – 21 December

10: Maria Vallejo, international author

22 – 28 December

11: Cyprian Blamires, scholar, historian, editor, translator (rebroadcast of Episode 1)

29 December – 4 January

12: Jacki Ascough (rebroadcast of Episode 4)



5 – 11 January

13: Sally Read (rebroadcast of Episode 5)

12 – 18 January

14: Antonia Salzano, mother of the Blessed Carlo Acutis (rebroadcast of Episode 6)

19 – 25 January

15: Mauro Iannicelli, evangelist and catechist

26 January – 1 February

16: Sandra Hobson

2 – 8 February

17: Father Gabriel Joseph Kyte, a member of the Community of Franciscan Friars of the Renewal

9 – 15 February

18: Sister Barbara Claire, a member of the Sisters of the Blessed Virgin Mary

16 – 22 February

19: Ros Powell, Christian evangelist, her website is at and she runs the YouTube channel Armchair Church

23 February – 1 March

20: Javier Campos

2 – 8 March

21: Brother John Bosco Mills

9 – 15 March

22: Simon Fox

16 – 22 March

23: Sheila Glasswell

23 – 29 March

24: Paolo Beltrame

30 March – 5 April

25: Mobil Ardersh

6 – 12 April

26: John Pridmore, former gangster (rebroadcast of Episode 9)

13 – 19 April

27: Mauro Iannicelli, evangelist and catechist (rebroadcast of Episode 15)

20 – 26 April

28: Father Gabriel Joseph Kyte, a member of the Community of Franciscan Friars of the Renewal (rebroadcast of Episode 17)

27 April – 3 May

29: Sister Barbara Claire, a member of the Sisters of the Blessed Virgin Mary (rebroadcast of Episode 18)

4 – 10 May

30: Javier Campos (rebroadcast of Episode 20)

11 – 17 May

31: Paolo Beltrame (rebroadcast of Episode 24)

18 – 24 May

32: Mobil Ardersh (rebroadcast of Episode 25)

25 – 31 May

33: Kathy Bishop, a single mother with a difficult family history, Kathy faced even more hurdles when she found herself struck by illness and unable to work, but an encounter with the Lord rescued her and, as she grew spiritually, provided her with a personal call. Kathy Bishop is the founder and editor-in-chief of The Faith Companion magazine:

1 – 7 June

34: Sister Cecilia Bernadette (of the Crucified Christ), a novice with the Stone Dominican Sisters in Cambridge. A lover of theatre, originally from Australia, Sister Cecilia was training to be a Pentecostal pastor, but the Lord had different plans.

8 – 14 June

35: Deborah van Kroonenburg, Project Lead Marriage & Family Life in the Diocese of Plymouth. Brought up in an Anglican family where God was not mentioned very much, as a child Deborah decided that she wanted to know Jesus and Mary. What followed was a long personal journey, which through a series of events and the study of Saint Teresa of Avila and Saint John of the Cross led her to a deeper faith and an encounter with the Lord, and ultimately to join the Catholic Church.

15 – 21 June

36: Elaine Culshaw, hostile to religion in her early teens, thanks to the testimony of a fellow pupil, Elaine joined her local Baptist church. Later in life when her husband showed an interest in Catholicism, she took to reading the Bible with renewed passion to refute his ‘error’ only to discover the Real Presence of Jesus when visiting her local Catholic Church.

22 – 28 June

37: Father Antonio Diez de Medina, CFR, a member of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal. A cradle Catholic with a strong faith, Fr Antonio drifted away in his early youth only to discover his call to the priesthood after a momentous confession.

29 June – 5 July

38: Colin Magee

6 – 12 July

39: Nicola Griffin, who grew up in Limerick, Ireland, in a culture of violence and gangs. When the Franciscans of the Renewal moved to the area, an act of love and bravery on their part changed her life for good.  Nicola is now helping bring young people to the Lord with the Holy Family Mission.

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